Changing Ballet for the Better!

Level 1 – Teacher Certification
(single teacher)

Join RPM founder Cheryl Ale and RPM Master Teacher, Amy Lowe, for this innovative and groundbreaking course from the safety and comfort of your own home.

  • An interactive introduction to the groundbreaking RPM curriculum.
  • Unlock the mysteries of modern injury-free ballet instruction.
  • Discover exactly how to increase your enrollment because parents want a safe school
  • Get training for all student ages in one comprehensive package
  • Receive a proven curriculum designed for injury-free training
  • Know exactly how to train a student – even without “an ideal ballet body” – and who to get help from if you have teaching questions
  • Have a higher satisfaction teaching, better student retention and many more satisfied parents.

No waiting with immediate access!

"RPM provides a gateway to unlock the complexities and mystery of traditional methods of teaching classical ballet, thus making this beautiful art form aspirations and physicality. The principles allow dancers to move freely without tension and when applied methodically, create dancers who are healthy and injury free. RPM is a must for both the seasoned as well as the newer teacher who are looking to take their training methods to the most effective level possible."
Amy Lowe Artistic Director,
Ballet Arts Conservatory of Tallahassee

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